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The Exterior Painters Delivering Premium Services in Boston

We are the trusted and versatile exterior painters in Boston who get decor projects done right.

With our exceptional attention to detail, cutting-edge techniques, and use of long-lasting and environmentally safe paints and materials, our specialists are synonymous with versatility. We help turn ordinary exteriors into stunning works of art. The exterior painters at K&K provide premium services with elegance for all kinds of residences, businesses, and industrial units.

Top Quality Services of Exterior Painting Boston Area Requires

Being the best external property design and refinishing solution provider, we can repair and preserve the visual attractiveness of your most exposed layers thanks to our competence in various exterior surfaces. Our versatile approach allows us to offer top-notch exterior and interior painting services (if someone requires outdoor decor services, we can also accommodate that). Among the major features of our offerings are the following:

Exterior Painting

From accent walls to house trimmings, we infuse life into dull exteriors with on-trend hues and innovative finishes, making any of your properties a buzzword in the locality.

Roofing Solutions

With the expertise of our skilled exterior painters in Boston, you can see how the elastomeric acrylic design of your roof protects against leaks, cracks, and water damage.

Water Proof

Our appropriate vapor barriers, sealants, and drainage solutions across the siding layers will guard against moisture infiltration while adding to the aesthetically pleasing effect.

Wall Texturing

Your walls will sparkle like a true stone, brick, or other bespoke design thanks to the effect of light, giving your property's exterior a fresh aspect yet sustaining its durability.

How Do the Exterior Painters at K&K Prepare the Strategies?

Forget the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. Your property's next chapter starts with high-class artistry: K&K Painting Corp.

  • Estimation and Determination

  • Planning/Management Process

  • Paint and Final Walk-Through

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of prep work do you use before working on the exterior and interior painting services?

First, we will carry out thorough power washing over surfaces. Then, we will resort to repairing cracks, removing rotten wood and textures, scraping loose paint, priming all surfaces, and finally applying paint as chosen. Our prep work is comprehensive.

How does bad weather impact K&K’s exterior painters in Boston?

As for bad weather conditions, we try to avoid starting our projects when we predict unfavorable climatic fluctuations. We only paint when the weather is ideal for our work. We observe if the temperature is ideal for our paint and how the humidity level is for our task to continue. Even if the job requires us to continue in unfavorable conditions, we resort to proper protective and shielding procedures.

Why shouldn’t I paint the exterior myself?

Doing the projects yourself might sound cost-effective, but on the flip side, there are many challenges involved. You might spoil the color theme. You might splatter paint all over the spaces, including your clothes, furniture, and plants. Also, you will compromise durability and enhancement, among others.

How long will the paint odor last after you have completed your exterior and interior painting services?

The time needed for paint odors to dissipate depends on the types of paint used to decorate your property. Some fade quicker, while others require days. Hence, we use low-volatile organic compound paints to minimize lingering odors. This allows any odors to clear within a short timeframe, so you can fully utilize the space soon after completion.

Do the exterior painters at K&K Painting Corp. handle the stain matching or staining projects as well?

Yes! We are in fact specialists in handling high-quality staining, re-staining, sealing, and protection of decking, fencing, and exterior wooden spaces. Our professionals are quite adept at matching existing stain colors and improving them.

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